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These lessons will be held at the Smith Lane Pool located at 1020 Smith Lane, Kaysville. 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to lack of space, safety, and us wanting to give neighbors less traffic, please avoid parking in the cul-de-sac. Parking for this location is out front along Smith Lane or across the street at Snow Horse Elementary. We thank you for following these guidelines and helping us keep pool owners and neighbors happy, this makes a big difference and allows us to focus on bringing quality lessons to you and your family!


One purchase includes five 20 minute private lessons, Monday-Friday. Because we have up to 4 private instructors at all times, we are able to teach up to 4 children per 20 minutes. Your lessons will be at the same time each day, at the same pool that you are purchasing the sessions for. Please sign up your child for multiple weeks rather than twice in the same week, this will result in less overall progress and a very tired student.


We are unable to send reminder texts or emails, so please add your scheduled lesson time and the name/address of the pool you bought lessons for to your calendar once you receive a confirmation email after placing your order.


Please review our Need To Know page and follow us on Facebook/instagram to stay up to date with news and policies. Thank you :) 

August 5th - 9th (Smith Lane Pool)

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