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Our lessons vary depending on the experience of your child. After a quick assessment, the instructor will be able to tailor each minute of the lessons to the exact needs of your child in order to help them be safe, have fun, and progress quickly. The first thing we like our students to perfect is survival, making sure they will be safe whenever they are near or in water. From there we like to focus on improving their basic swimming skills such as practicing the common strokes and learning how to properly breathe while doing so. Lastly, for the more advanced students, we tend to focus on things like diving, flip turns, and all of the remaining, more complicated swim strokes.


Each purchase includes five 20 minute private, one on one lessons, Monday-Friday. Because we usually have 4 instructors at a time, we are able to teach up to 4 children at once. Your lessons will be at the same time each day during the purchased week. Rather than sign up 1 child for multiple lessons per  day in 1 week (10 lessons as opposed to the regular 5 that come with one purchase), we ask instead that you spread out their lessons and register for consecutive or multiple weeks of lessons. We teach ages 3-12.


Lesson Descripton


"I LOVED Hunsaker Swimming! In the first 30 seconds of getting in the water on the first day, she was being taught how to stay afloat. I love that they immediately teach children how to float on their backs safely. They are given the one-on-one attention they need to really help them be comfortable in the water. I will not take my kids anywhere else."


"My kids and myself have loved Hunsaker swimming lessons! We had a bad experience elsewhere in the past, so I was skeptical but this was the best experience! The instructors were so patient and my kids learned so much during their sessions! We will be back again and again!! Highly recommend!"


"The Hunsakers know their stuff and are the most calm and patient instructors. After seeing the progress that can be made through private lessons, I will never do group swimming lessons again! I am grateful that the basic life-saving techniques are so heavily emphasized throughout the lessons. I feel much more confident taking my 3 kids to the pool knowing that they have basic skills."


"I have taken my kids to Hunsaker’s for the past three summers and am so impressed each year. The amount my children are able to progress in one short week is amazing. Last summer my 4 year old went from being scared to put her face in the water to jumping off the diving board solo and back floating over to the side in one week! And the best part is they are great with kids so my kids actually enjoy going to lessons. Thank you!"


  • What ages do we teach?
    We teach ages 3-12, all experience levels. Feel free to reach out to us to inquire about lessons for older students. Older students tend to make lots of waves so they may require ultra private lessons, with less total students in the pool, these usually take place in the spring or fall.
  • How many weeks should I sign my child up for?
    We typically recommend a minimum of 2 weeks, especially for younger children or beginners. It's recommended for them to be consecutive, but not necessary for successful results. We also recommend at least 1 week per summer until student are about 12 years old. For example some 7 year olds may be great swimmers, but if they have no more lessons, over the next few years it's common to develop bad habits and forget important swimming and water safety skills. Especially because when a child grows, they will need to be taught new ways to swim and float.
  • What is our lesson makeup policy?
    We teach in the rain and only cancel lessons due to lightning/severe weather. If lessons are canceled, we will hold makeups at your regularly scheduled lesson time on the Saturday of your lesson week. We are unable to provide makeups for illness or schedule conflicts. You are welcome to let a sibling or neighbor take your child's time if they are unable to attend their lesson. We also have a Facebook group called Hunsaker Swimming Cancellations for parents looking to sell lessons. For this group, you can sell 3-5 lessons, not 1 or 2 .
  • Can my child wear goggles?
    Goggles are fine as long as they are not nose covering goggles. If they are too distracting for your child, their instructor may suggest to take them off at certain times. Although sometimes goggles can be helpful for a students sense of direction, we do think it's important to learn how to swim without goggles. If a child ever falls into water in a real life scenario, they may not have goggles, and we want them to be able to focus on floating or swimming to safety while not being distracted by water in their eyes which could happen if it's a feeling they are not used to.
  • What if all of our lessons are sold out?
    Make sure to follow our facebook/instagram and sign up for our email list via the submission box at the bottom of our websites home page. These are the best ways to be notified when there are new openings available! We try to add lessons throughout the summer and hope to have the opportunity to work with your family soon :)
  • How do we handle crying children?
    We have had amazing success with children who have struggled to overcome their fear of water. Each of our instructors are extremely patient and do not mind a screaming and fussing child. We teach through our tears and do our best to help our students by pushing them with love and care! We don't let fear keep us from changing our successful teaching formula, letting a child sit on the steps or not get their face wet only wastes time and builds a students anxiety. We encourage everyone to read through our Facebook and google reviews to see other parents positive experiences even when they had screaming/crying children.
  • What if my child has learning disabilities?
    Then you have come to the right place! We have had some tremendous success with children that have autism, down syndrome, as well as other limitations. Our experience combined with patience and a one on one approach is particularly helpful for children with special needs. If you are signing up a student with special needs, please contact us directly so that we can work with you on a specific time and place that works for you to bring your child. Most of our openings that work best for special needs students will be during our Spring or Fall ultra private sessions.


Please review all of our Home and Need to Know page before sending in your questions.   Thank you :)

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