Our lessons vary depending on the experience of your child. After a quick assessment, the instructor will be able to tailor each minute of the lessons to the exact needs of your child in order to help them be safe, have fun, and progress quickly. The first thing we like our students to perfect is survival, making sure they will be safe whenever they are near or in water. From there we like to focus on improving their basic swimming skills such as practicing the common strokes and learning how to properly breathe while doing so. Lastly, for the more advanced students, we tend to focus on things like diving, merit badges, flip turns, and all of the remaining, more complicated swim strokes.

Each week purchased includes five 20 minute private, one on one lessons, Monday-Friday. Because we have 4 instructors at all times, we are able to teach up to 4 children at once. Your lessons will be at the same time each day. Rather than sign up 1 child at multiple times in the same week (10 lessons as opposed to the regular 5 that come with one purchase), we ask instead that you spread out their lessons and register for consecutive or multiple weeks of lessons. We teach ages 3-16.


- For students who are not potty trained, please cover swim diapers with diaper covers.
- We need at least 1 week's notice for cancellations. There is a $5 fee per child for each week canceled/rescheduled. Otherwise, we suggest you sell your lessons to a friend or via our Facebook group Hunsakers Swimming Cancellations. Please notify us when you buy or sell a lesson.

- If your child becomes suddenly ill, we are unable to cancel their lessons due to short notice. We also aren't able to reschedule or hold makeups due to our sold out schedule. Instead we suggest that you sell your lessons to another parent via our facebook group Hunsaker Swimming Cancellations. 

- Rather than sign up 1 child for multiple slots in the same week, we ask instead that you register for consecutive or multiple weeks of lessons.

- Bathrooms are not available for use at any of our pools, except for emergencies, so please have your child go before arriving for lessons.

- We encourage your children to wear rash guards.  Rash guards provide better sun protection and keep our pool filters clean and running properly. If you need sunscreen, please apply at least 10 minute before your scheduled lessons, only to the areas that will be exposed to the sun (face and arms), otherwise it washes right off, clogs our filters, and fails to protects your children. Also if your child needs or wants to wear goggles, make sure they do not cover the nose.

- Weather & make-up lesson policy. If we cancel lessons due to inclement weather, we will provide a makeup lessons on Saturday at your regular time. We are unable to provide lessons for illnesses or conflicts. Feel free to let a sibling or neighbor take your child’s time if they are unable to come to their lesson.

- Non-Swimmer Safety. Please close our umbrellas if the wind picks up, otherwise they will come out of their holes and/or break. Please do not let your children stand on the chairs, jump on the trampoline, or play with the umbrellas. 

- Please understand we cannot guarantee the same teachers for your children week to week. With very few exceptions, they will have the same teacher from Monday through Friday. Each member of our team is trained and qualified to teach children of all ages and skill levels. 

- Helpful Tips Crying, screaming, and struggling during lessons is not out of the ordinary especially for younger children or new swimmers. This does not bother our teachers. Sometimes parents will watch from a distance where their child can’t see them so that their child can focus better.

- Please communicate with our teachers. They are here to cater to your child’s swimming needs and capabilities. If you have certain expectations, please let your child’s teacher know at the beginning of the week. If you need to communicate with a teacher please do so during your own child's lesson time.